Friday, May 1, 2009

God Is Love

It doesn't look like we're going to be meeting this month to discuss our Spring selection, God Is Love. I do hope you enjoyed reading this encyclical. It's a small publication, but it packs quite a punch--theologically speaking.

Love is a complicated topic. It's a word that's has become so overused and misused that, in many ways, it has lost its meaning. We say we "love" a movie and that we "love" God. Obviously, we are describing two very different things with the same expression. Not only that, but what do we mean when we say we love God? How does that change the way that we live, think, and treat one another? These are all questions that the Holy Father addresses in this beautiful reflection.

For those of you who might be interested, I thought that I would post a link to the file for our study guide for this book that has my personal notes included.

Study Guide for God Is Love w/Notes

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