Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Winter 2015

Our days are filled with–and sometimes ruled by—the “Yes” we give to others.  In her new book, The Grace of Yes: Eight Virtues for Generous Living, author Lisa Hendey explores how our lives could change if we were as generous with our “Yes” to God.  How would our lives look if we open-heartedly followed God’s will instead of our own, if we silenced ourselves long enough to listen to what God has planned for us and then answered with a hearty “Yes”?

The eight virtues Hendey considers are the grace of belief, generativity (and yes, she explains what that means), creativity, integrity, humility, vulnerability, no (sometimes “no” is the right response), and rebirth.  Hendey writes with such honesty and vulnerability as she uses examples of the effect of God’s grace in her own life experiences and those of her family and friends that readers of all ages and walks of life are bound to find the book to be extremely approachable and relatable—as well as highly readable.

Each chapter ends with questions “To Ponder” how each grace has worked—or needs to work—in our own lives, as well as a prayer to remind us that these graces are not something that we “do” on our own, but are gifts from God.  And all we need to do is to say, “Yes!”

If you’re unfamiliar with Lisa Hendey, you might want to check out her website,  Lisa began the site in the early days of new media and has continued to develop this wonderful resource that has become one of the most popular Catholic websites on the Internet.  She has authored a series of Catholic Mom books: The Handbook for Catholic Moms, The Book of Saints for Catholic Moms, and Small Steps for Catholic Moms.  Also, A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy, The Catholic Baby Name Book, and Imitating Mary: Ten Marian Virtues for the Modern Mom.  Lisa has her own website at, is a popular speaker, mother of two—although an empty nester—and frequent guest on numerous Catholic podcasts and television programs.

The Grace of Yes is available for purchase or special order through St. Patrick Book & Gift from now until March 31.  Begin the New Year by committing your heart to saying 'Yes" to God and then to open your eyes to see the changes that it will make in your relationship to your family, your friends, and most especially to the God who loves each of us more than we can know.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall 2014

To kick off the eighth year of our Seasons of Reading program, we have decided to get into the Back to School spirit of the season and choose one of the all-time great Catholic reference books--outside of the Catechism itself, of course--for our Fall selection.

Catholicism for Dummies, 2nd Edition, by Rev. John Trigilio Jr. and Rev. Kenneth Brighenti is a concise, easy to read, well organized, humorous, and most importantly, accurate overview of all things Catholic.  It is an excellent resource and one that should be on the shelf of everyone's Catholic home library.

Here is a sampling of what's covered:
  • What It Means to be Catholic
  • Who's Who in the Catholic Church
  • The Sacraments
  • Catholic Law and The Commandments
  • Current Issues
  • Devotions
  • A Brief History of the Church
  • Catholic Fun Facts
Whether you're a cradle Catholic--or maybe especially if you're a cradle Catholic--someone who is curious about the faith, a serious student of Catholicism, or a parent in need of a good, reliable go-to source to answer your children's questions, Catholicism for Dummies is the book for you.  In other words, we all benefit from learning more about the Catholic faith, and this is one of the most recommended books to achieve that goal.

And if you like Catholicism for Dummies, you may also enjoy some of the other books of the series penned by the same authors: Catholic Mass for Dummies, Saints for Dummies, Women in the Bible for Dummies, and John Paul II for Dummies.  Rev. Trigilio and Rev. Brighenti have also teamed up to write The Catholic Answer Book: The 300 Most Frequently Asked Questions.

From now until December 31, Catholicism for Dummies will be available for purchase or special order at 20% off the regular retail price for those stopping by St. Patrick Book & Gift.  Pick up a copy for yourself and consider picking up a copy for a gift.  It's an excellent choice for a friend or relative in the RCIA program or preparing for First Communion or Confirmation.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer 2014

One of the biggest mistakes we often make is thinking that we are on this journey to holiness on our own when, in fact, God has given us many companions both in this world and the next.

In his new book, Angels and Saints: A Biblical Guide to Friendship with God's Holy Ones, the prolific Catholic author Scott Hahn writes:

"We are participants together.  Thus, none of us lives merely alone with God.  Together, as the Church, we bear God, bear Christ, bear the temple and bear all holy things.  Christ did not come to create a loose association of individuals, each of them living as 'just me and Jesus.'

In  communion with Christ, you and I are members of his body, his Church, together with our fellow Christians.  In communion we are saints."

When we think about "the Church," we may think about our local parish, the Archdiocese, and sometimes even the worldwide Church of believers.  Do we remember the heavenly Church, the Church Triumphant?  It is not a separate Church, not set apart from us.  Her members walk with us every day and even intercede on our behalf in order to fulfill God's plan of uniting all the faithful in our heavenly home.
Angels and Saints is a book that celebrates this large family of God's creation.  It is a reminder that we have champions of faith--people who once struggled with the same faults, weaknesses, and hardships that we face today--who can show us the way, inspire us with their stories, and bear us up with their prayers.

From now until September 30, Angels and Saints: A Biblical Guide to Friendship with God's Holy Ones is available for purchase and/or special order at St. Patrick's Book & Gift for 20% off the regular retail price. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spring 2014

Forgiveness is hard work. 
And as hard as it is, we often make it even harder because we don’t really understand what it means to forgive—or to be forgiven.

Does it mean that we can’t be angry?
Does it mean that we have to forget?
Does it mean we have to pretend everything is okay?
Can we make amends?  Set things right?

In The Forgiveness Book authors Alice Camille & Fr. Paul Boudreau begin by answering those very questions, and then progress in showing the path to the peace and charity that real forgiveness brings—whether it’s seeking forgiveness for our own sins, forgiving someone else, or even learning to accept forgiveness from God and from those we’ve offended.

From scripture we know that forgiveness is not an option.  We know that we are going to be forgiven as we forgive.  This is serious business if we are to become saints.

An excerpt from The Forgiveness Book

“Forgiveness is the treasure of the gospels, the pearl of great price…Forgiveness is the key that sets us free and, at the same time, draws us on a lifelong quest to its source, which is love.  It’s the gift of God that makes hope possible, gives joy beyond the moment, and sustains faith for a lifetime…When we are forgiven, we are truly free and become able to forgive others so they can be free as well.” 

Consider including The Forgiveness Book as part of your Lenten practice this year.

From now until June 30, The Forgiveness Book will be available for purchase at St. Patrick's Book & Gift for 20% off the regular retail price.