Monday, August 26, 2013

Fall 2013

“Our hearts are restless until they rest in thee.”

That’s right!  That’s from St. Augustine’s Confessions
our Fall selection for the first book of the 2013-14 Seasons of Reading.

Sadly, this is all most people know from this Catholic classic, written by one of the greatest philosophers and theologians the Church, even the world has ever known.  But to say you know St. Augustine from that single sentence is like saying you know Shakespeare from “To be, or not to be.”
Every serious seeker of truth must read St. Augustine’s Confessions at some point in their life.  After all, next to the Bible and the Catechism, it’s one of the most influential works of Christian literature.  As the Year of Faith comes to a close, we thought that this would be the perfect time to highlight this timeless work.

Admittedly, Confessions is not an easy read.  That is why we took great care in selecting a translation that is one of the best available.   We would also suggest that you read St. Augustine’s work slowly in order to let the language and reflections sink in slowly.  You may even consider using the work as a devotional—reading a short passage every day as part of your daily prayertime.  Here is a short excerpt:

You, my God, are supreme, utmost in goodness, mightiest and all-powerful, most merciful and most just.  You are the most hidden from us and yet the most present amongst us, the most beautiful and yet the most strong, ever enduring and yet we cannot comprehend you.  You are unchangeable and yet you change all things.  You are never new, never old, and yet all things have new life from you.

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