Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer 2013

On March 13, 2013, the world watched as the announcement was made, “Habemus Papam!”  Cheers of joy went up among those standing in the cold rain in St. Peter’s square.  And then, as we learned that Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was going to be our new pope, there was one, big collective, “Who?” 

Cardinal Bergoglio was not someone that most people were familiar with.  He had not been on any of the prognosticators’ short lists.  In his first address, even Pope Francis himself commented that his fellow cardinals had come to the end of the earth to find him.  And so, this summer, we are promoting the book On Heaven and Earth in order to give us all a chance to get to know our new pontiff better.

First published in Argentina in 2010, this book is a conversation between then Cardinal and Archbishop of Argentina Jorge Bergoglio—now Pope Francis and Rabbi Abraham Skorka, whose friendship had developed as they both worked to bring about inter-religious dialogue and promote the integral connection between faith and reason.  (Pope Francis has a Master’s Degree in Chemistry and Rabbi Skorka is a biophysicist—to mention one of each of their many accomplishments.)

Each chapter of the book covers a different topic: God, the devil, atheism, religions and religious leaders, the Disciples, prayer, guilt, fundamentalism, death, euthanasia, the elderly, women, abortion, divorce, same-sex marriage, science, education, politics and power, communism and capitalism, globalization, money, poverty, the Holocaust, the 1970’s, the Arab-Israeli conflict, interreligious dialogue, and the future of religion.  And while you may initially be inspired to read the book to learn what the new pope has to say, you’ll be equally intrigued by the insightful and thoughtful responses by Rabbi Skorka as well.

To steal from the old Minnesota Twins ad campaign—
The new Catholic pontiff, Pope Francis.  Get to know him!

From now until August 31, On Heaven and Earth will be available for purchase at St. Patrick's Book & Gift for 20% off the regular retail price.

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