Saturday, November 24, 2012

Winter 2013

What is Catholicism?

It's doctrine and devotions.  It's sacraments, rites, and rituals.  It's missions, hospitals, schools, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters.  It's art, music, and literature.  It's beautiful cathedrals and humble chapels.  It's a great history of saints, philosophers, and theologians.

Catholicism is a culture, a way of life that informs all that we do, all that we are and all that we are to become.  Or as Fr. Robert Barron, author of the Season's selection, Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith, writes, "Catholicism is a celebration, in words and imagery, of the God who takes infinite delight in bringing human beings to fullness of life."

Catholicism is a part of the incredible Word on Fire project that also includes a ten-part documentary series and study guide.  Fr. Barron is a gifted guide for someone who is just beginning to wade into the faith or is ready to set out into deeper waters.  During our Year of Faith, Catholicism is the perfect way to learn about and celebrate all that encompasses our rich and storied faith.

From now until February 28, the book Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith, is available at St. Patrick's Book & Gift for 20% off the regular retail price.  The DVD series, audio book, and study guide are also available by prepaid special order but are not included in this promotion.

Here's a short video about the Catholicism project.  To learn more, visit Catholicism.

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