Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Selection

Last December marked the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Archbishop Fulton John Sheen. Even if you're too young to remember his hugely popular radio or television programs, you've no doubt heard about this charismatic man who had an incredible gift for making the complex accessible to many.

It's hard for us to imagine this today, but in the late 1950's an estimated 30 million viewers would tune in weekly to watch Sheen speak about everything from theology to psychology to the current events of the day. "Life is Worth Living" was scheduled opposite "The Milton Berle Show" and would often win in the ratings! Milton Berle even joked about how Sheen was so popular even though he used such old material.

In addition to his radio and television work, Sheen was also a prolific writer, and Life of Christ is considered to be his masterpiece. Citing scripture and adding his own unique insights, Sheen makes the gospels come to life. Since its publication in 1958, millions of readers have come to know Christ better through this incredible work.

During this Lenten and Easter season, when we all make a better effort to increase our faith and come to a better knowledge of our Savior, we hope that you'll join us in adding this wonderful book to you own devotions.

From now until April 30, Life of Christ will be available at St. Patrick's Book & Gift at a special promotional rate of 20% off the regular retail price. Several copies are available for immediate purchase, and when those have sold out, we will be happy to accept special orders at the same discount price. All special orders must be pre-paid.

You are welcome to leave your comments about this book or about our reading program in general at this site. Let us know if you enjoy the books we have been recommending--or not--or would like to suggest a title for a future selection.

Life of Christ Bonus!
This summer our Bible study group also read Life of Christ and was provided with a study guide. If you would like to use this guide for your own reading of this book, you are welcome to do so. I will add a link to the original guide as well as the leader's guide with responses. One request--if you do use the guide, please leave a comment letting us know that you did so. Thanks.

Life of Christ Study Guide

Life of Christ Study Guide w/Responses

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