Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spring 2014

Forgiveness is hard work. 
And as hard as it is, we often make it even harder because we don’t really understand what it means to forgive—or to be forgiven.

Does it mean that we can’t be angry?
Does it mean that we have to forget?
Does it mean we have to pretend everything is okay?
Can we make amends?  Set things right?

In The Forgiveness Book authors Alice Camille & Fr. Paul Boudreau begin by answering those very questions, and then progress in showing the path to the peace and charity that real forgiveness brings—whether it’s seeking forgiveness for our own sins, forgiving someone else, or even learning to accept forgiveness from God and from those we’ve offended.

From scripture we know that forgiveness is not an option.  We know that we are going to be forgiven as we forgive.  This is serious business if we are to become saints.

An excerpt from The Forgiveness Book

“Forgiveness is the treasure of the gospels, the pearl of great price…Forgiveness is the key that sets us free and, at the same time, draws us on a lifelong quest to its source, which is love.  It’s the gift of God that makes hope possible, gives joy beyond the moment, and sustains faith for a lifetime…When we are forgiven, we are truly free and become able to forgive others so they can be free as well.” 

Consider including The Forgiveness Book as part of your Lenten practice this year.

From now until June 30, The Forgiveness Book will be available for purchase at St. Patrick's Book & Gift for 20% off the regular retail price. 

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