Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Winter Book Selections Have Arrived!

The winter books have arrived and are available for pick-up or purchase at St. Patrick's Gift & Book store. This season we will be reading two books: Charles Dickens' " A Christmas Carol" and Anthony DeStefano's "Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To."

If you've never read this Dickens classic, you're in for a treat. Sure, the movies have been great, but they can't capture Dickens' way with words. The book is cleverly written, funny, and the perfect reminder that we are all companions on the same journey. The working title for this novella was "The Sledgehammer." Advent is always a good time to be "hit" with a good morality tale.

"Ten Prayers" is Anthony DeStefano's second book following his very popular "A Travel Guide To Heaven." This book will get you thinking about how and why you have conversations with God.

The study guide for our winter books is available at the link below or can be picked up in the church store. We will be scheduling a group book discussion session in February. Watch the bulletin or check back to this site for details.

Enjoy your winter reading!

Study Guide: "A Christmas Carol" and "Ten Prayers"

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